Sweetpea & Betty

Sweetpea & Betty Boutique from Sweetpea & Betty on Vimeo.

Your tired furniture could be given a new lease of life thanks to a new boutique in Falmouth. Be inspired at Sweetpea & Betty with their French romantic style!

Who are Sweetpea & Betty? This is a question we get asked so often we thought we’d better explain!

When we started planning for the store, we tried to find a name that was unique, quirky, memorable but “connected” to us. A name to live with, enjoy and endure. It took some time and like the best things in life – we didn’t rush it.

We are all inspired by people, places and events that resonate for us. That warm glow you get when you smell the first cut of spring, fresh paint or a soap or fragrance that brings back memories of time and place.

Aunt Betty

We immediately thought of our Auntie Betty – stylish, sophisticated but fun. She was such a fixture in our family – her tastes and take on life were so refreshing that we wanted to bring some of that spirit into our store.

We’ve always enjoyed rural life & pottering in the garden and love the bright colours and special fragrance of the Sweetpea. Given that colour is at the heart of our work with paints and designs, the bright but natural hues of the Sweetpea stood out.

By combining Auntie Betty’s joie de vivre with the inspirational colours of the Sweetpea – we give you Sweetpea & Betty!





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